22 Nov 2011

Pic dump di Milano: Gross Italian Food

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Italian cream cheese


Not all Italian food is good. Some of it can be quite revolting.

Take cream cheese for example. Cream cheese is only used in a few dishes in America, and it’s almost primarily used for breakfast, on bagels. That’s it.

In Italy, the Italians I know put cream cheese on EVERYTHING!

When I go to the sandwich shop with people at school, the Italians ask for “philadelphia” on their paninis, without fail. Why on earth would someone choose a Kraft cheese product when there is fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, provolone, parmaggiano…. the list goes on.

The other gross thing about Italian cream cheese is that it comes in many strange flavors. Like these two shown here- tuna and ham. There is also olive and the brand-new chocolate flavored one. Healthy!

Anyway, I know I am super behind on my blog, but my thesis is due in two days, so this weak photo post will have to do for now. I’ll post something more significant next week… promise!


31 Oct 2011

Happy Halloween!

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Super Mario

Running to the nearest pizzeria

This is the holiday that really makes me miss America, but at least I have a giant mustache to keep me happy. Happy Halloween from Italy!

25 Oct 2011


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My Italian life in pictures

My Italian life in pictures

In NYC, we have something I like to call “ninja mice”. The mice in that city are insanely smart and can avoid any trap imaginable. I’ve seen mice climb between 2 walls, jump a distance of 3 feet, and move across an entire room with all four of it’s feet stuck in a glue trap. W.T.F.

I thought I’d be safe from ninja mice in Italy, but I found something worse. Italian mosquitoes.

Milan has a RIDICULOUS mosquito population. It’s worse than the tropics. Plus, the mosquitoes are the size of quarters, and you can actually FEEL them bumping into you because they are so enormous.

This summer was awful, and I was so thankful I was able to move to Amsterdam to escape them for a while. These “ninja mosquitoes” were impossible to kill, and would hide up in our 18-foot ceilings until we went to bed, then would relentlessly attack us all night long. Awful.

Why am I writing about this summertime problem at the end of October? Because it’s not over!! It’s 48 degrees in Milan and I have been getting attacked by mosquitoes for the past 3 nights. I keep killing them, thinking they are done with, but more keep arriving. I don’t know when it’s going to end. How cold does it have to be to finally KILL these things? No one told me about Italian mosquitoes… if you’re thinking about moving here, consider how it would feel to be attacked every day by mosquitoes for 9 months straight. You may want to reconsider.

Thank goodness I’m going to Paris today to visit my brother on a business trip. I’ll be safe until Friday!