14 Mar 2012

So behind

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Leaving Italy

Leaving Italy

I know it’s mid-March and I haven’t posted about things that happened from mid-November onward. The truth is, I was working on my thesis like a fiend during that time. I really didn’t do much at all! After that, I had about two weeks before my graduation and move back to America. I took a trip to Berlin, Venice and Bari (Italy) with one of my friends. Right before I left I went to Montepulciano with the Italian boy. Then it was back to America for Xmas and New Years.

Then, it was time to job hunt. Luckily I found something and am slowly replenishing my savings after spending a year without working full-time.

This pic is from a lake in the Como area of Italy… I actually have no idea where we were. I went out with my classmates after we graduated for a little tour of Lombardy and a “last group outing”. It was a fun time, and this pic makes me miss Italy. Boo hoo…

I promise I will write about my few other trips because I do have a good story for one of them. I’m also going to Indonesia in April and would like to blog about that trip. I’m really trying to get back in the swing of things. It’s taking a long time :/

On a side note, I started a work-related blog about random UI designs I find during my daily web surfing. Check it out!

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