02 Jan 2012


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OK, I don’t live in Europe anymore and haven’t updated this blog in almost 2 months. Things were crazy… I was completely obsessed with my thesis work and had no time for anything, even eating. I managed to eat one meal a day for 2 months and still GAINED weight. Of course, I’m the fat American no matter where I live. Then I was stressed out about moving and trying to slam 4 suitcases’ worth of clothes into 2. (I succeeded by the way). Then the holidays came, and there was no time for blogging.

Now that I’m back in NYC I’ll backtrack and write some posts about my last few weeks in Italy, but starting with my birthday trip to Ireland that I took in November. Here is goes!


Standard Guiness tourist pic

The Italian boy and I went to Ireland for my birthday, since it was on my 30-to-30 bucket list. We went for 4 days and did the “American tour”, which means driving all over like maniacs trying to see as much of the country as possible. We started in Dublin, then drove to Cashel, Kenmare, Killarney, Doolin, and then back to Dublin. We got to see everything we wanted and had really amazing weather- it was sunny for 3 days out of 4!

Driving Mess

Watch out Ireland- Suzanne is behing the wheel!

I crossed off a second item on my bucket list by driving on the opposite side of the road. I was behind the wheel for about 5 seconds in Doolin… you can see me trying to shift with my right hand in this pic (force of habit!!) I freaked out though when a car started coming down the other lane and a little boy was walking on my side of the road… someone was definitely about to die, so I made the Italian take over the driving responsibilities. My 5

seconds behind the wheel still counts, right?

Last pic of my 20's
Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Last pic of my 20’s

I turned 30 the last day we were there, when we were just strolling around Dublin. We had seen that most of the parking spaces were free on Sundays, so didn’t think much about parking in a small street off St. Stephen’s Green. After about 2 hours, we returned to find a wonderful present from the city of Dublin- a boot on our rental car! (Or clamp, as they call it in Irish.) I had a small freak out, since we had a flight to catch and who knows how long it would take to remove it. Thankfully, the Irish CSR who answered the phone told me it would take 20 minutes max for the tow truck to arrive. We had parked in a 2 hour max parking zone and had been gone 2 hours, 15 minutes. Ugh. But, we managed to get to the airport on time so it was still a good birthday.

I have a few more travel stories to write about, particularly my Italian robbery by the local mafia. Stay tuned!

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