25 Jun 2011

Brand envy

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Brand Envy

Brand Envy... or just bran confusion!

The issue that’s been plaguing my life in Milano has been my loss of brand identity. After working in advertising, I should be aware of people’s attachment to brands and understand how this would affect me in Europe. But it’s been hard to deal with.

Hardly any of the brands I love are alive and well in Europe. Sure, there is Heinz ketchup and Coke, but apart from that it’s slim pickens. It’s been difficult to adjust without my brand identity.

Case in point- I needed to get some salsa for a party I was having. The only brands of salsa I could find we’re Uncle Ben’s (WHAT? The rice company?) and an Italian-brand. My trusty can of spiciness from the States was nowhere to be found. Similarly, when I needed to buy a nice bottle of wine as a gift, but trusty California-vineyard brand could not be found here in Milan.

What’s a girl to do?

I know there are good brands here in Italy (and Europe) but it’s hard to get in the groove. Obviously Italy has good wine, but I’m overwhelmed by the selection and honestly it was so easy to get my Sterling Vineyard’s Cabernet back in the States. It was trustworthy, and a proven hit. I don’t know what my proven hit is here in Italy… and I’m still figuring it out. I need a new brand identity.

I’ve been here 6 months, so hopefully I’ll find my brand identity soon. It’s a matter of experimentation, I guess, and I’ve taken for granted the fact that I had 28 years of experimentation in America to learn my brand identity. I can’t be upset that I’m lost in European consumerism after a mere 6 months…

Here’s to hoping I can figure out my fool-proof brand purchases. If you have any recommendations about awesome Italian wines that I can bring to any kind of party, it would make my search easier. Grazie mille!

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